Welcome to my corner. My name is Eric Mattson. I'm a Seattle-based entrepreneur.

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Previously, I shared my research on social media usage by the Inc. 500 and college admissions departments. Today, the third piece of that series, non-profit data, went live. Using a similar methodology to the first two studies, we surveyed the 200 largest charities in the US (as defined by Forbes magazine... Read Full Post

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I love to learn and try new things. I'm constantly reading, traveling, studying and exploring the world.

Currently, I'm devoting a lot of effort to learning Spanish. And continuing my scholarly studies of social media in partnership with Professor Nora Barnes of UMassD. 


I like to balance working too much with athletic pursuits. After a dozen years of playing ultimate frisbee at the highest levels, I retired after 2008 and am looking to move back into competitive long-distance running in 2010.

And also explore my old passion for skiing and my new passion for surfing. 


I believe that service to others is an essential element of a good life.

At the moment, my service takes the primary form of being part of the Social Venture Partners, an innovative VC-like philanthropic organization in Seattle.


I'm the CEO of a boutique Seattle-based research firm that focuses on the future of financial technology (e.g. using your cell phone to buy something).

We publish research reports, run conferences and write a popular blog. I love being an entrepreneur.